How to Submit

DocDroppers is always looking for articles, whether you've submitted them elsewhere or not. DocDroppers is not about getting "exclusive articles", we are looking to create a library of articles that can be easily searched and used by the hacking public. That being said, if you would like to submit your article to the site, here is what you need to do: Please review your browsers terms of service before submitting Creative Commons licensed content.

In order to submit an article, you need to agree to release your article underneath the conditions of the Creative Commons License or the appropriate GNU License. This allows us to redistribute your work without those pesky copyright laws nipping at us. We feel that these licenses are very fair, and allow the original authors to retain all rights to their work while the general public can enjoy their fair use freedoms.

First, you can e-mail your article to a member of the staff, and we will do all the work. Easy as pie. Be sure to give us some time to get around to it if you choose this method.

OR, you can do it yourself (your best bet for timely inclusion):

First off, sign up for an account. Wiki's like to keep track of who does what. Due to the large amount of spam we have received in the past, we have decided to no longer allow submissions without making an account first.

Now, you need to Wiki-ize your article. DocDroppers is a Wiki. A Wiki is a completely collaborative environment. You can create pages on the site easily. You can create a DocDroppers article like so:
1. Type your title using the search page and click the "Go" button. The search page will open. If your title has not already been taken, there will be an option to create the page on the search results page. Click on the red coloured "Create this page" link.
2. You are now at the edit screen where you can start entering your article. Wiki has some, how shall we say, 'peculiar' formatting markup. We suggest you read Wikipedia's editing help page or prepare your article beforehand by using an extension such as Sun Wiki Publisher for Libre Office.
3. Finish up editing and hit the 'Preview' button.
4. Proofread.
5. Proofread Again (Really!)
6. Save it. Good Job!
7. Send the URL to a member of the staff, where our expert team of crack monkeys will poke, prod, and look at it.

If your article follows the rules, we will keep it up. An article can be frozen at the authors request so that no one else can edit it. The staff reserves the right to edit your article for misspelling and grammatical errors. If we do, we will let you know so that you can change whatever you want. We also reserve the right to refuse/delete any article that we find objectionable or simply too off topic. As a reminder, no copywritten material will be held without written permission from the copyright holder! This includes Tech Manuals, scanned magazine articles, etc.